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Instructions for booking your band at the Voodoo Lounge


Some things to know:

1. Our weekday schedule is on a set rotation. There are NO openings.

2. The only possible openings are for Fridays and Saturdays.

3. That leaves only 8 possible bookings per month. Most of those have already been booked with local talent. Availability is limited.

4. We have a small stage that will only hold a handful of musicians.

5. All bands are expected to fill the whole night starting at 9:30pm and ending at 1:30am with 2-3 short 15 minute breaks.

6. If your band can only fill a 45 minute set you need to find other bands to fill the night with you and pitch that.

6. Generally a PA and/or mics and cables is NOT provided. 

7. Generally we pay $75-100 per musician with a small food/drink tab for the entire band.

8. We are not interested in booking bands without a social media presence to help inform us about the band and promote the show.

If you meet the above criteria you may message us on our Facebook page below. DO NOT contact the owner or any employee.

Voodoo Lounge Bar and Grill Facebook Page

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